An exhibition of screen printed poetry by Fredrik. 

Books are essential, and over the last 20 years Fredrik has made at least a dozen hand made collections of poetry books. But sometimes books are just not big enough. 

14. september 2023, Fredrik Lloyd

He started dreaming of bigger texts, with more colour than he could afford. He dreamed of his texts cleaved out of rock, falling down a cliff face. Of his poems shining out of all the windows of a tower block at night when he couldn’t see the stars. Of full colour spreads in glossy magazines he didn’t want to read. And he grew so tired of digital perfection. 

He started getting nostalgic about his post punk youth in Britain. He longed for imperfections, and just ‘having a go’, being a little more ‘wobbly’ , ‘rough and ready’ and ‘hands on’.

Through screen printing he found a way to realise some of that. Here he could cut huge texts out and print them by hand in full blown colour. He could layer colours and texts on top of each other in real time, not just in photoshop or illustrator. He could actually work his ideas by hand, into something that lay on a table or hung on a wall. He could have the pleasure of crumpling up the paper, throwing it away and starting again. And there was always that exiting gap, between what he envisioned in his head, and what his hands turned up on the paper in the end. Here was a medium, where his poems, actually made him physically tired at night. And he thrived. 

Galleri Sagenekunstsmie is an artist led gallery, in a building run by sagenekunstsmie, a cultural collective of roughly 100 people; visual artists, musicians, composers and writers. Come and see where we work.

We look forward to celebrating words in full colour, taken from Fredrik’s latest book YOURSELF a handmade limited edition book of texts, which will also be on display. 

Sagene kunstsmie
Drøbakgata 1 (inngang fra Kristiansands gate 2)
Åpning torsdag 14. september kl 18.30-21

15 sep oslo Kulturnatt

Fredag 16-22

Artists talk about artists books and poetryprints with Fredrik Lloyd  kl. 20.30
Fredag kl 16-18, lørdag og søndag kl 12-16.
Siste dag søndag 24. sept.