Ideas & Doubt

Sabina Jacobsson

02.09.21 – 19.09.21

A three-channel video installation, 30 min. 2021

 This video project started when I took a deep dive into the archive of my works from the last 20 years. The purpose was to remind myself of everything I have been involved in as an artist and see if I could find links to what I do today.

 I discovered that a lot of the raw material I have could be turn into new works. Either as one reference into something new or be used again in a new way. This was the origin of the idea of inviting some of the artists I have worked with, in and out of stage room, to create a new work with me by reusing existing material and exploring how it can work into a new context.

 I started the project with individual meetings at the home of 6 different artists. The starting point was to talk about a work we had done together to look at how we experience it today. We touched on many topics around art production. The word «doubt» as a driving force was a common topic of conversation for everyone. These conversations have become the core of the project and the driving force behind the individual’s own process and in my final work itself. Together we concluded that a relay can further tie the project together. Something is sent from one to the other.

 I have invited these 6 well-established artists because I experience them as playful, experienced, reflective, open to new possibilities, and above all curious. They are socially engaged and have a strong individual voice, while at the same time listening to others in an artistic process.

 I am looking for new links between idea and technique where the spontaneous and unpredictable play together with the conceptual. I experiment with methods both in terms of directing on film and with analog techniques such as drawing and sculpture. With this as a starting point, I create playful and thoughtful works.

 As a video artist, I work both in the gallery room, on stage and in the cinema. I have had many collaborative projects with various directors and performers for over 20 years. I look for new forms of expression with film all the time. «I want to see how I can make the most of the medium both through the conceptual but also through the visual expression. Video and film have such great potential when working with it in space. I can manipulate both time and place and «trick» and «seduce» the viewer. I find it interesting and exciting to try out new ways to build video installations. The main content of my work reflects cultural connection and social structures. I stage stories of cultural solidarity together with political issues. Through several projects of artistic collaboration, I have had the opportunity to work with different expressions, on stage as well as in the gallery space, which has resulted in / contributed to my multifaceted expression.