Fredrik Lloyd. Artist Book / Mars 2020

Fredrik Lloyd has worked as a poet since the mid 80’s. He grew up in England, and writes in English. He has published in collected anthologies in Australia, UK, USA. He has also been translated and published in 3 anthologies in Norway with Aschehaug and Gyldendal Forlag, as well as with Vagant tidskrift.

Fredrik enjoys collaborative projects, working with performance, exhibitions, and installation work, as well as touring and performing his works live. In the late 90’s he studied book binding at London College of Printing and has since created limited, numbered editions of his writings, for exhibition and Artist Book events.

YOURSELF is an exhibition of his 10th artist book. In this book he has challenged himself to master silk screen printing as a medium, and printed all the texts as individual images by hand, before binding the works into a finished book.

Fra utstillingsåpningen.